About Us

Tess + Pete

We’re a family run business and we’re passionate about all things health and fitness. We believe in sustainable lifestyles and lead by example in educating our clients on the art of balance whilst making food fun.


When we first met, we were both already working in the fitness industry and shared a mutual desire to create a personalised fitness facility with client experience and education at the forefront. We want our clients to confidently enjoy their health transformation and implement real methods that can form into lifelong habits.


We opened the doors of Build A Body in 2014 and have since helped thousands of people transform their health, enabling them to build the best version of themselves. Our philosophy is driven from three key components; training, nutrition and accountability. With a genuine focus on these three areas, we’re confident that our clients will be rewarded with positive results.


Our promise to our clients is that we will continue to evolve as trainers, partaking in regular industry courses, educating ourselves on better training methods and updated nutritional information so our client offering is the best it can be.