What are the cost of your programs?

With multiple personal training and semi-private packages to choose from, you will have the opportunity to have a consultation face to face at Build A Body or via a Zoom call with one of our fitness consultants to find the program that best suits your goals. 

Do you have different training program lengths?

We believe that a successful transformation can not be achieved with a quick fix. Therefore we give you the option to choose from sixteen weeks, twenty-six weeks or fifty-two weeks.

Are the nutrition plans that you provide for members personalised? 

Yes, all nutrition plans that we write for our members are catered towards their bodies and goals. No two plans are the same with our main focus being energy balance (calories) and macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat).

How long do your sessions run for?

All our personal training sessions run for 60 minutes. Our semi-private sessions run for 45 minutes. 

I am a mum with young kids, can I bring them along to my session?

Although we highly encourage that you make your sessions at Build A Body a time to focus on yourself, we understand there will be times when you will need to bring your kids along. We allow for kids to be present at the studio provided you bring a play mat, towel or pram for them to seated on for the duration of your session. Touching and playing on the equipment is strictly off-limits. 

I need to exercise in the morning and head straight to work, do you have shower facilities?

Yes, we have multiple change rooms fitted with showers ensuring you can train, get ready and go! 

How do you ensure that I will get the results that I am looking for?

Along with your personalised nutrition and training program, we provide a weekly check-in for 10-15 minutes for your first session of the week. This is where your coach will track and monitor your body composition markers in addition to asking you a series of feedback questions to ensure you are progressing towards your goals. 

How is Build A Body different to a commercial gym?

All of the members at Build A Body are paired with a personal trainer or are enrolled in semi-private training. This keeps our studio intimate and allows you to be surrounded by like-minded people within our community unlike regular commercial gyms.


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