David’s first experience within the sports/health industry was at the young age of 9 when he was introduced into swimming. This, over the coming years, expanded into both basketball and boxing, always chasing the next accolade within the given sport. From his sporting commitments, he developed a competitive attitude towards life as a whole, always looking for the next big challenge.

After being faced with the unfortunate situation of having to leave the competitive side of sports, David decided to follow health and fitness as more than just a hobby, and instead as a career. He attained his accreditation as a PT in early 2019 and was soon working overseas for 12 months as a PT on a cruise ship.

Whilst admitting that it was an amazing experience, he knew that he was capable of more and that it was not pushing him to develop as both a trainer and a person – a belief that he always tried to live by. This led to David approaching Build a Body, understanding that this was his next big challenge and opportunity to grow.

David wants to encourage others to reach outside of their comfort zones, realising that this is where true development occurs.


AIF – Master Trainer in Cert III & IV in Fitness.


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