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Best PT studio in The Hills. The team are extremely experienced and listen to what you want to achieve and help you achieve it. Be it weight loss, weight gain, building muscle, you name it, they can help you achieve it. I have been a member for 7 years and looking forward to training there for many years to come. Friendly faces throughout the studio and always welcoming. Be sure to get a shake, you won’t regret it.

Andrew Irvine

I received such a lovely welcome when I first walked through the doors 6 months ago (completely nervous and unsure). This is a seriously professional outfit, and the trainers are kind, fun, warm and crazy-good (like crazy-good) at their jobs. Thanks especially to Cass! I’m a new human! And the journey has been 10/10! No other gym like it!

JenNifer Crumpton

For years I was not too fond of the gym and struggled with motivation. Now at 40 years old, I’m motivated, eating well and getting results. All thanks to quality education and training. I honestly enjoy the gym more than I ever thought possible and it’s all thanks to Build A Body and the incredible team (that feels like a family).

Storm Bolton

The absolute best gym I have ever been to and trust me there has been a lot! I am down 20kg and am the leanest and fittest I have been for many years. Does not matter if you are young or older like me, you are always treated as part of the Build A Body family. The trainers are the best, especially Joey Yammine who has guided me to this amazing goal.

Tania Piercy

I came here for weight loss, and have realised how much this goal has helped me not only feel better but happier. It’s been great for my mind too. I’ve lost 17kg over 14 weeks.

Mark Souter

I have been at Build A Body 1.5 years now and achieved a weight loss of 20kg in that time. Not only have the Build A Body team helped me physically but they significantly helped me mentally. I have never felt better in my overall health. This gym is not your ordinary boring commercial gym, this is a community that welcomes everyone and anyone. If you’re wanting to start a health journey, I could not recommend this place enough.

Paloma Sheridan

I started training at Build A Body in 2019 and it’s been extremely life changing. This type of training was all very new to me, I always believed the myth that weights would bulk me up. In fact, it’s not the case at all… I achieved all my goals from shredding down in my first 12 weeks, transitioning to building lean muscle mass, to then stepping out of my comfort zone and getting ready for a photo shoot. I’ve gained so much confidence and strength. My trainer kept me focused, motivated, accountable and taught me all there was to know about nutrition/food tracking. This gym is such an awesome place to train with knowledge trainers and the friendliest community. Thanks to Build A Body I’m the fittest, leanest and happiest I’ve ever been. This is my happy place.

Pamela Cannizzaro

Build A Body has changed my life, my relationship with food and my body. Every member at BAB wants to see one another succeed, reach their goals and have the best time doing it. The trainers are the best of breed and are not only dedicated to their clients, but invest in themselves and strive to be on their top game. Build A Body is like no other gym and is more than a gym. I cannot thank the BAB team enough, the results I have achieved here still blow my mind. Do yourself a favour and invest in your health and fitness with the team at BAB – you will not regret it, that’s a promise

Marshe Khattab

The community is amazing, it’s like no other gym I’ve ever been to. I’ve looked at so many other gyms before I came here and it’s the only one that feels like home.

Kirsty Cutts

I’ve been with Build A Body for years and can’t recommend them highly enough! They are simply fabulous! The BAB team itself is something exceptional, the trainers have chosen to make fitness their career, not just a job, so they walk the talk and each has their own fitness journey and goals therefore they have a real passion for helping you to be the best version of yourself. To top it all off they have built an incredible community where age does not matter, it is merely a group of likeminded people who support and encourage each other and where new friendships evolve. With their guidance and coaching I have certainly changed my lifestyle and become a different person whilst maintaining what I achieved.

Allison Irvine


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