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The most effective online training experience tailored for you.

Immerse yourself in the most effective online personal training experience in Australia to achieve the body transformation results you want with Build A Body online.

No matter where you are in the world, our personalised online program gives you the same proven methods, data-driven approach and 360 support that have helped hundreds of clients achieve remarkable results in our Sydney premium facility.

Designed to achieve jaw-dropping
transformations and sustainable results.

With our Build A Body coaching team behind you, our proven processes are tailored to you, and with all the accountability and support you need on diet and training from your online coach, we guarantee you will achieve the results you always wanted.

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A comprehensive lifestyle audit to shape your personalised plan

We conduct a full audit of your lifestyle with you to understand your unique needs, challenges, motivations and goals.
We will assess multiple areas of your lifestyle, including your sleep, stress, health status, exercise history, dietary preferences and more, to build up a detailed picture of your training, nutrition and lifestyle.
This helps us to lay the foundations for the most efficient and effective body transformation possible to help you achieve your goals.

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A goal-driven online personal training program tailored to you

We create an online personalised training program designed around you and your body goals to achieve your desired results. We break down the mechanics – from your training history and current fitness levels to your movement patterns – to create the most effective training program and exercise selection to accomplish your goals.

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A bespoke diet plan designed specifically for your dietary needs

We know that finding a diet you enjoy that works for your lifestyle is the crucial hurdle most people face when reaching their goals. So we created a bespoke diet plan designed around your specific needs, preferences and goals that is sustainable and delivers real results.
Your diet plan is built on our proven nutrition principles and is macronutrient calculated with precision and tailored to you as an individual to fit your lifestyle.

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Your personal Build A Body coach to support you every step of the way

We can appreciate that remarkable results are built on more than just the average workout and nutrition plan. Your Build A Body coach and partner is with you every step of the way to keep you honest and accountable, ensure you are being pushed to your full potential and guided with the confident expertise, and support you need to achieve lifelong results.

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A perfected system of accountability to stay on track

Worried about being in a different timezone? We have created systems of accountability between trainer and client that ensure you stay on track to your goal and achieve the results you want.

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How our online personal training model works

Our winning formula model is fundamental to everything we do at Build A Body – and our online personal training program is no different.

Just like our in-gym clients, you invest in a set period of time and we build a personalised online training and nutrition plan around you and give you the tools, accountability and guidance you need to achieve lifelong results in the most safest and effective way.

The Build A Body Experience will Ignite Confidence in Yourself


Coaching that instills lifelong healthy habits

Body Transformation Coaching

Our online bespoke program will help you achieve your body transformation goals with a close and direct focus on actually enjoying your journey. We’ve worked with clients that have started from the couch and now complete regular 7km runs for fun, we’ve worked with executives that couldn’t get away from the office desk and now the only happy hour they’re attending is under the bar, and now we’re ready to work with you.

Our online body transformation coaching is perfect for those who want to change their body but don’t know where to start and can’t reach out facility.

Our team of passionate and driven coaches will work with you to create a programme that’s tailored to your individual goals, helping you feel confident within your own skin again.

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Effective - Driven - Passionate

Our focus is on YOU

We are aware that a real body transformation plan and genuine support is a game changer in an age of overwhelming demands and distractions.
Our coaches listen to your needs and work closely with you from Day 1 so that you feel confident in achieving your goals and sustaining results. This personalised attention enables us to structure the most effective programme for you.

Become Your Best Self

An Environment BUILT for Success

We focus on a premium-tailored approach with our body composition clients to assist them in
reaching their desired goals with online personal fitness coaching.

We welcome all individuals that seek to change, develop or reinvent themselves from stripping off stubborn weight to toning up specific areas of their body.

Build A body takes the time to listen and understand every individual’s unique needs and deepest concerns.

Our genuine compassion and expertise, combined with evidence-based principles and our motivating and inviting culture, puts you in the most prime position to become the best version of yourself

Look no further


Community Built for Success & Evidence-based Methods

Setting a New Standard for Coaching Excellence

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Build A Body strives to support the growth of our coaches and set the highest standards in the fitness industry. Our team is constantly learning and staying up-to-date with the latest research and coaching practices in order to deliver the best results.
We are confident that we have both the experience and expertise to support transformations for clients of different levels and backgrounds.
Build A Body prides itself on ensuring all our members have a first-class experience each and every time they walk through our doors.
We believe that knowledge is incomplete without the human element of caring and developing relationships of trust.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Although we highly encourage that you make your sessions at Build A Body a time to focus on yourself, we understand there will be times when you will need to bring your kids along. We allow for kids to be present at the studio provided you bring a play mat, towel or pram for them to seated on for the duration of your session. Touching and playing on the equipment is strictly off-limits.

With multiple personal training and semi-private packages to choose from, you will have the opportunity to have a consultation face to face at Build A Body or via a Zoom call with one of our fitness consultants to find the program that best suits your goals.

We believe that a successful transformation can not be achieved with a quick fix. Therefore we give you the option to choose from sixteen weeks, twenty-six weeks or fifty-two weeks

Yes, all nutrition plans that we write for our members are catered towards their bodies and goals. No two plans are the same with our main focus being energy balance (calories) and macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat).

All our personal training sessions run for 60 minutes. Our semi-private sessions run for 45 minutes.

Yes, we have multiple change rooms fitted with showers ensuring you can train, get ready and go!

Along with your personalised nutrition and training program, we provide a weekly check-in for 10-15 minutes for your first session of the week. This is where your coach will track and monitor your body composition markers in addition to asking you a series of feedback questions to ensure you are progressing towards your goals.

All of the members at Build A Body are paired with a personal trainer or are enrolled in semi-private training. This keeps our studio intimate and allows you to be surrounded by like-minded people within our community unlike regular commercial gyms.

Evidence-Based Personal Training the Guarantees Results

We're proud of our client's transformations. Be inspired by their stories.

“Build A Body has been the best decision I have ever made for myself!”

Emma S.

It is not your typical gym… BAB supports each and every member, you feel like you belong to an awesome community, and where all the trainers have your back not just your PT! From the minute you arrive in the gym you are welcomed with smiles and greetings from the whole team.
My PT Luke is super supportive, listens to my goals, and he helps make the goals achievable in a really fun, yet challenging way. Luke is realistic with his goal setting and helps keep me on track, but never makes you feel guilty or judged.

I cannot recommend Build A Body highly enough! It’s the absolute best!

Our Amazing Community is Waiting for You


Taylor Z.
Taylor Z.
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I can honestly say Georgie and BAB have changed my life. Since joining, I've been working on more than my physical health which is extremely difficult in a high stress corporate job. It's not always easy to get up early in the morning but knowing Georgie's got my back and genuinely cares about my overall health makes it just that little bit easier to show up for myself. Georgie's taught me to be more mindful, create achievable routines, how to eat better and really look after myself. She's the best personal trainer I've ever worked with and really gets who I am as a person. She's helped me with my back pain, mobility and my confidence in the gym to hit PBs. The check in sessions are great as Georgie's even helped me realize the biggest stressor in my life and I've now taken steps to change that. I'm finally in a great work environment - something I couldn't have done without Georgie. I can't wait to keep training with her at BAB for the foreseeable future!