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Taylor Z.
Taylor Z.
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I can honestly say Georgie and BAB have changed my life. Since joining, I've been working on more than my physical health which is extremely difficult in a high stress corporate job. It's not always easy to get up early in the morning but knowing Georgie's got my back and genuinely cares about my overall health makes it just that little bit easier to show up for myself. Georgie's taught me to be more mindful, create achievable routines, how to eat better and really look after myself. She's the best personal trainer I've ever worked with and really gets who I am as a person. She's helped me with my back pain, mobility and my confidence in the gym to hit PBs. The check in sessions are great as Georgie's even helped me realize the biggest stressor in my life and I've now taken steps to change that. I'm finally in a great work environment - something I couldn't have done without Georgie. I can't wait to keep training with her at BAB for the foreseeable future!